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Co-founder of Mixx Reality.

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Damon Hernandez

Damon works in many areas of interactive 3D, web, & XR industries as a designer, developer, advisor, speaker, entrepreneur, investor and executive that has been active in virtual environments, the 3D web, and other Metaverse related technologies for over 20 years with mentions in Forbes, Fortune, Wired, and Computer Weekly. He is passionate about the web’s convergence with other technologies including 3D, IoT, GIS, CAD/BIM/CAM, AR/VR, mobile and advises a variety of entities that use these technologies for enterprise focused applications. Since 2007, he has been working closely with various built environment professions on the adoption and use of innovative technologies.

As a co-founder of Mixx Reality, he is taking his passion for immersive tech and the real world to new levels. Previously he was at SIMLAB, where he was working to make property ownership & management more user friendly for owners via digital twins. At Samsung Research America he focused on making the web browser experience awesome and enhanced with immersive web technologies and new types of interfaces. He is a co-founder of IDEAbuilder, a high tech building company that uses immersive technologies and robotic manufacturing to build timber structures more efficiently. He has worked with 3D web and virtual world companies and was acting director of a student initiated organization with the Web3D Consortium, where he worked with the Consortium’s global outreach and education initiatives. He has built numerous mixed reality applications and has lead dozens of research projects in multiple domains.

As founding team member of the Augmented Reality Developer Camps, VR Hackathon, & founder of the AEC Hackathon, he is actively working to help grow the use of innovative technologies.